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CkeyiN Automatic Ultrasonic U Shape Electric Toothbrush Silicone Sonic Tooth Cleansing Brush Intelligent 4 Mode Oral Care Device

CkeyiN Automatic Ultrasonic U Shape Electric Toothbrush Silicone Sonic Tooth Cleansing Brush Intelligent 4 Mode Oral Care Device

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Brand Name: CkeyiN

Origin: Mainland China

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Certification: CE



CkeyiN Automatic Ultrasonic U Shape Electric Toothbrush Silicone Sonic Tooth Cleansing Brush Intelligent 4 Mode Oral Care Device


1. This toothbrush uses blue and cold light whitening technology along with high-frequency vibrations to effectively clean and massage gums, promoting blood circulation and reducing the risk of periodontal disease.

2. The toothbrush features four modes: gentle, powerful, SPA, and cold light whitening mode.

3. Its U-shaped brush head is designed with food-grade silicone antibacterial material for safe and effective cleaning.

4. The toothbrush comes with a smart charging base that can be used on either the left or right side.

5. It is designed with a full waterproof seal (IPX7), making it convenient, durable, and easy to clean. The toothbrush also has an intelligent memory function and automatically times for 45 seconds for optimal cleaning.


Material: Food-grade silicone

Battery capacity: 400 mAh

Charging time: 2-3 hours

Use time: 4 hours

Modes: gentle mode, powerful mode, SPA mode, cold light whitening mode

Vibration frequency: 48000 times/min

Waterproof rating: IPX7

Charging display: the blue light flashes when charging, and it is always on when fully charged


Electric toothbrush*1


USB charging cable*1


U-shaped whitening electric toothbrush

4 modes

Whitening cold light mode: Uses cold light technology to whiten teeth.
Gentle mode: Operates at 36000 RPM and uses blue light for daily teeth cleaning, helping to protect dental health.
Strong force mode: Operates at 48000 RPM to effectively clean between teeth and remove stubborn stains.
SPA mode: Operates at 24000 RPM to massage gums, providing a more comfortable brushing experience.

Gentle blue light helps to remove pigment deposits on the teeth.

Brush away stubborn tartar, bring double cleansing to the teeth, and protect the gums from damage.

Solve problems and improve oral health

Prevent detal carles, Braces are difficult to clean, Gum pain, Dental plague, Clean implanted teeth, odor in the mouth

360° brush your teeth and liberate your hands

It takes only 45 seconds to complete an all-round brushing action

Washable silicone toothbrush head


【Superior Material】The U shape toothbrush head is made of food grade silicone, soft, non-toxic and no harmful, effectively sterilizing and comfortably massaging.
【4 Working Modes】Soft cleaning mode, powerful cleaning mode, massaging mode, and cold light whitening mode. You can adjust it by simply pressing the power switch.
【U-Shape Design】Designed for perfectly fitting human mouth, in 48000rpm vibration, it cleans teeth without dead angles.
【Smart and Convenient Using】USB rechargeable ensures hands-free teeth brushing experience, and IPX7 waterproof for more efficient and convenient using experience.
【Auto Memory Function】Automatic memory function makes 45 seconds teeth brushing time, and 15 minutes cold light teeth whitening time.
【Strong Function】Ultrasonic wave technology adopted, it can remove more tooth stain, plaque, bacteria in short time, offering healthier and whitener teeth.


Material: ABS + Silicone
Power supply: USB charging
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Charging time: Approx. 2 hours
Continuous using time: 30 minutes
Voltage: 5V
Power: 5W
Waterproof: IPX7
Vibration frequency: 48000rpm
Charging indicator: blue light flashes while charging, constantly on when fully charged

Pack List:

Electronic Toothbrush x 1
USB cord x 1

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