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Three-piece Skull Digital Printing Bedding

Three-piece Skull Digital Printing Bedding

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Product information:
Size specifications: 135*200 (two-piece set) 90g,140*210 (two-piece set) 90g,173*228 (two-piece set) 90g,155*220 (three-piece set) 90g,180*210 (three-piece set) 90g,200*200 (three-piece set) 90g,200*229 (three-piece set) 90g,210*210 (three-piece set) 90g,210*245 (three-piece set) 90g,220*230 (three-piece set) 90g,220*260 (three-piece set) 90g,229*229 (three-piece set) 90g,229*264 (three-piece set) 90g,235*260 (three-piece set) 90g
Weaving process: Sanding
Printing and dyeing process: digital printing
Material: Chemical Fiber
Bedding subdivision: three-piece set
Color classification: Color
Style: bedspread style

Packing list:
1 * duvet cover+2 * pillowcase 

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